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Expertly formatted articles delivered to your inbox. Each carefully crafted to boost your SEO, grow your traffic and engage your audience until the very last line.

Writing blog content for SEO is a proven growth strategy. But only if you do it right. Not many brands actually do. They usually stuff copy with keywords, publish dry topics no one wants to read, or write lovely pieces that never get found. Don’t worry, I won’t let that be you.

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What’s included in SEO blogging services?

Expert research

From relevant keywords to trustworthy statistics – only the best for your blog

Top-notch readability

Conversational copy people actually want to read – no chunks of fancy words to confuse your readers

Your tone of voice

Love a pun? Hate long sentences? Content that looks and sounds exactly like you

Clear call-to-actions

Natural inclusion of your products and services to turn readers into buyers (without being pushy)

Not an error in sight

A* grammar, spelling and punctuation with every paragraph

Competitor analysis

Checking out the competition to ensure your content is always the best in the business

Brands whose traffic boomed with my SEO blog writing services

Blog writing packages tailored to you

I provide SEO blogging services to startups, small business and budding entrepreneurs, as well as growing national brands who need to outsource to an SEO expert.

Below are different blog writing packages suited to varying budgets and needs. Drop me a message to discuss the best option for your individual brand.

1. Outsourced blog writing

I’ve got a content plan… now I need someone to execute it!

You’ve got briefs ready to be written – you even have the keywords. But finding the time is proving difficult.

How I’ll help:
  • Turn your target keywords into perfectly crafted content
  • Ready to publish articles delivered straight to your inbox
  • Trust that your content is better than your competitors’
  • Interview experts, turn webinars into articles or maximise your social content
  • Full brief required including target keyword, blog outline and CTA

Perfect for… Marketing moguls who don’t have the time to put pen to paper.

2. Full blog management

I need a content manager, blog writer and right-hand woman!

You know you need a blog. You want to boss your SEO. But you’re too busy running your business to manage it. I got you.

How I’ll help:

  • Expert keyword analysis to find the best opportunities for you to rank on Google
  • Pick from dozens of researched ideas which will be turned into a quarterly content plan
  • Recommendations for wider content strategies from pillar pages to content hubs
  • Optimised articles delivered to your inbox (or uploaded straight onto your site)

Perfect for… Startups and small businesses who want to trust their content is in the best hands.

3. Optimised blog writing

I know what I want to write about – but I don’t understand SEO!

You’ve got a bunch of content ideas. But you don’t know what keywords to target, how to write a meta title or what it takes to rank on Google.

How I’ll help:

  • Detailed keyword research categorised into your top content pillars
  • Natural inclusion of secondary keywords and semantics to boost your ranking potential
  • Your products or services weaved into each article
  • Optimised meta titles, descriptions and URL slugs with every blog

Perfect for… Busy business owners who want to turn their ideas into top-ranking content.

4. Adhoc blog writing services

I’m not sure what I need…

Two months are rarely ever the same in the world of business. If you need to swap a blog for a press release or bump on a cheeky white paper, that’s fine by me.

We can build a blog writing package unique to your needs. Get in touch below and let’s have a chat.

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