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Hello, I'm Eppie.

I'm a freelance writer and journalist based in London.

I've written hundreds of articles for various lifestyle, travel and business publications covering everything from opinion pieces to top industry trends.

If you'd like to find out more or see additional writing samples, please drop me a line below.


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Wellness and lifestyle

Friendships - coming together when not together

For the first time in our lives, we are experiencing the same devastating, bizarre sequence of events. How friendships have bloomed in the face of a global pandemic.

The Everyday Magazine


Top 10 eco-friendly period products: as chosen by you!

More sanitary products are found on Europe’s beaches than single-use cups and straws. Eek. But it’s not all bad news. From period knickers to the reusable menstrual disc, there’s an array of exciting innovations to mix up your monthly routine.

The Lowdown


The quarter-life conundrum

No one warns us about our mid-twenties. About the confusion of self-discovery. When you’ve dreamed of creating a life you are confident will result in happiness - and it doesn’t - how do you then find out what does?

Eppie - Lifestyle and Travel Blog

Travel, food and drink

Best breakfast in Chicago

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Boiled? Fried? Replaced with extra bacon? No matter your preference, the Windy City has a breakfast to tempt every tastebud.

Go City


10 things I hate about London

Instead of writing a cliché love letter to my cherished London, I’m ripping it to pieces. Because that’s what you do when you love something, right? Or at least that’s what my Mum told me when the boys at junior school were mean…

Citizen Femme


The day I spent 7 hours with a 6 foot avocado

I’m clammy, static and feeling a bit high from the fumes of cheap plastic. It’s starting to give me nausea and I’ve been uncomfortably stuck in the same awkward position for over two hours. The reason? Because I can’t resist being a basic bitch.

Eppie - Lifestyle and Travel Blog


Tuscan living in Casale Amati Country House

Once the oldest olive mill in Eastern Liguria, Casale Amati Country House began welcoming guests twenty years ago when husband and wife, Manuela and Roberto, decided it was simply too large to maintain as a family home.

Eppie - Lifestyle and Travel Blog

Business, group travel and events

Top bucket list experiences for your next incentive

Gone are the days where extravagant getaways were unattainable, where clear blue waters and five star hotels were just a dream or a backdrop for A-lister holidays. Guests want spectacular moments, an air of exclusivity or never done before experiences.

Banks Sadler


Delivering a personalised incentive travel programme - why and how

In our modern world, travel is much more accessible, with destinations that once seemed too luxurious now more attainable for the average traveller. How then can we design incentive travel programmes that deliver on consumer expectations to personalise an experience but also create a trip of a lifetime that would otherwise be unattainable?

2020 Global Meetings and Events Forecast p.49


Corporate events: how to make it memorable

Organizing a corporate event of any kind is an integral part of many businesses. However, events can often blend together for attendees, with a similar venue, repeated format and the same people, but just discussing a new topic.

Insights for Professionals

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