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Monthly SEO packages, at an affordable budget

Climb the ranks and grow your traffic with monthly SEO services you can trust. No jargon or million-pound budgets here, promise.

SEO doesn’t have to cost a bomb. In fact it can be as little as £375 a month. With an affordable SEO retainer you’ll be able to see results without spending a fortune.

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Your very own SEO coach

Your business is your baby. And nobody wants a random stranger interfering with their parenting.

When it comes to monthly services, I’m all about working with you. As well as ensuring your site stays top of its game, I’ll share my rationale, knowledge and honest opinions every step of the way, helping you to understand best practice SEO.

SEO clients

From startups to small businesses, and big household names. I’ve helping some of the best in the biz get to the top of Google.

What’s included in a monthly SEO retainer?

Keyword analysis

Tracking your target keywords and making onsite updates to grow your ranking

Website optimisation

Updating your website copy and formatting your landing pages in line with best SEO practice

Competitor benchmarking

Keeping an eye on your digital competitors to ensure you always stay one step ahead

Content planning

Researching new, relevant keywords – translated in a simple blog content plan

Offsite SEO

Growing your website authority with trustworthy backlinking and local search optimisation

Monitoring analytics

Delving deep into your website data to continually understand and improve the user experience

Technical audits

Monitoring your technical SEO to ensure your site remains fast, user-friendly and crawlable

Simple, clear reporting

Monthly summaries, ongoing communication with your team and quarterly SEO reports you can understand

Adhoc SEO consultancy

Support, guidance and a listening ear whenever you need it

Monthly SEO services

I provide monthly SEO management to startups, small business and budding entrepreneurs, as well as growing national brands who need to outsource to an expert.

Below are three different packages suited to varying budgets and needs. Get in touch today to discuss the best option for your individual brand.

1. Onsite SEO services

Ongoing support to ensure your website ticks every SEO box.

  • Understand your analytics including keyword rankings, organic traffic and overall SEO performance
  • Get expert recommendations for improvements to your site’s user experience
  • Know where you need to technical improvements to ensure you have a fast and crawlable site
  • Benefit from ongoing website optimisation to improve your target keyword rankings
  • Ensure you go above and beyond your digital competitors’ content and SEO strategies

Perfect for you if… You want to feel confident your site is fully optimised for driving traffic and growing your conversions.

2. Onsite SEO and content management

Put your blog to work with an expert-led content strategy. A full onsite SEO retainer plus content management:

  • An ongoing SEO content strategy that will drive quality users to your website
  • Bountiful new ideas for relevant blogs with easy to follow SEO briefs
  • Coordination with your content team and/or pool of writers
  • Optimisation of all blogs and content before they go live
  • Ongoing optimisation of all previously published content to guarantee best performance

Perfect for you if… You want to know the content you produce is worth your time and investment

3. Full SEO services

Onsite and offsite SEO support to grow your organic traffic and brand awareness.

Onsite SEO retainer, content management and full service SEO:

  • Grow the number of quality backlinks to increase your site’s domain authority score
  • Get your name and brand in national and global publications, each linking back to your site
  • Be the first to comment on big stories and relevant news

Perfect for you if…You want to climb Google’s ranks in a competitive industry and increase your brand presence.

4. SEO copywriting and blog packages

A huge part of building your digital presence is the creation and optimisation of copy and content. By creating expertly formatted blogs and landing pages that directly answer your customers’ queries, Google will begin to view your platform as an authoritative expert and move you up the ranks.

In addition to monthly SEO services, I offer optimised website copywriting and SEO blog writing services to small businesses and startups.

Find out more about my copywriting services or get in touch below to create a bespoke SEO retainer including monthly blogs.

How i work

Clarity and simplicity

are key to how I communicate – from your monthly reports to our weekly Slack messages

Relevant results

We’ll focus on keywords that drive relevant customers and conversions, not just big traffic numbers

Data on top of data

I use a mixture of professional SEO platforms that offer exclusive insights into you and your competitors’ digital performance

Quality over quantity

I operate a no spam policy – we’ll build your backlink profile slowly but surely with relevant, evergreen links that strictly follow Google’s guidance

Content that works

We'll dominate your field of expertise with a highly focused content strategy, ensuring every piece you publish is unique, on-brand, and of true value to your audience

A reactive approach

And if Google decides to change their SERPs or release a new update, I’ll keep you in the loop so we can make any necessary changes in advance

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