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Hi I'm Eppie - SEO consultant and freelancer. I help start-ups, small businesses and budding entrepreneurs climb the ranks and grow their traffic with simple SEO services. No jargon or million pound budgets here, promise.

SEO doesn't have to cost a bomb. In fact it can be as little as £300 a month. With an affordable SEO retainer you'll be able to see results without spending a fortune.

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What's included in a small business SEO package?

Keyword analysis

Tracking your target keywords and making necessary updates to grow your ranking

Website optimisation

Updating your website copy and formatting your landing pages in line with best SEO practice

Content planning

Researching new, relevant keywords - translated in a simple blog content plan

Monitoring analytics

Delving deep into your website data to continually understand and improve the user experience



Competitor benchmarking

Keeping an eye on your digital competitors to ensure you always stay one step ahead

Offsite SEO

Growing your website authority with trustworthy backlinking and local search optimisation

 "Eppie is not only brilliant at planning and executing an effective SEO strategy, managing our team of SEO writers, and improving our organic traffic by 37% in 3 months - she also thinks about our content, product and customers in a truly holistic way. Eppie is constantly coming up with excellent ideas and initiatives to help us grow our brand!"

- Alice Pelton, Founder of The Lowdown

Additional SEO services

Website SEO Audit

Setting the groundwork for a results-driven strategy

To fully understand your current digital performance, it is highly recommended to begin with a full SEO audit. This will identify any major issues that need immediate attention or missed opportunities for improved conversion, such as points of confusion in the customer journey.

Included in your SEO audit:

Detailed analysis of your website including site health, speed, authority, backlinks and user experience
Your current ranking and performance within search engine results pages
How to optimise your landing pages and blog content
Analysis of your organic traffic and visitors
Competitor benchmarking and an insight into their SEO strategies
In-depth keyword research and analysis combining core target keywords and blog content pillars
Tailored action plan of quick wins for immediate results
Strategic recommendations for improved performance




SEO Copywriting and Blog Packages

A huge part of building your digital presence is the creation and optimisation of copy and visuals on your website. By creating expertly formatted blogs and landing pages that directly answer related queries, Google will begin to view your platform as an authoritative expert and move you up the ranks.

I offer optimised website copywriting and SEO blog writing packages to small businesses and startups.

Find out more about my copywriting services.

 "Eppie provided a beautifully presented SEO audit that was clear, concise and just what I needed to give my website the best start possible."

- Bethan Potts, Founder of The Festive Formula

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