Cocktail Potions at The Cauldron; A Review

‘We are but geeks’ – The Cauldron Tell me I can wear a cloak, point a wand, shout LUMOS and whisk my imagination into a fantastical world and I’m there.…

The quarter-life conundrum

Finding the Heart of Phuket Island, Thailand

Banff; The Place I Just Can’t Get …

Learning to Give More of A Shit

Maybe it’s the fact I’ll soon be ticking the 26-30 box, maybe it’s the tallied up years of whatever the hell adulting is… but I’ve noticed a change in myself.…

Criminal Cocktails at Alcotraz Bar, Brick Lane; Review

Learning To Let Go of Past Friendships

Thavorn Beach Village Resort at Kamala Beach, Phuket

Rediscovering Windsor and its Royal Charm

The first time I remember being in Windsor, I was about fifteen years old. I’d reached the age where birthday lunches at Pizza Hut were replaced with a more cultured…

2018; How I’m Going to Blog it Better

New Year; Happier, Healthier Me.

2018; A New Year with No Plans