SEO copywriter

SEO copywriting is not just about keywords.

It's also about the ones in between.

As an expert SEO copywriter, I’ve helped brands' traffic soar by becoming the name you see on Google's first page.

Now let's get you in the top spot.


Why do you need an SEO copywriter?

To become best friends with Google

Meta descriptions, headers, keyword placement and formatting that will see you climb the ranks

To become an industry expert

A stream of researched, keyword-rich articles that entice your customers and attract new readers

To keep people on your page

Copy that converts as well as gets clicks - keep your audience engaged until the point of sale


Hi,I'm Eppie-16let the numbers do the talking


SEO copywriting services

A shopping list of buzzwords might get you in the search results - but seamlessly optimised content will get you the clicks.

Optimise current content

Is your website simply not appearing in search results? Perhaps you have a traffic-driving blog which for some reason isn’t converting? SEO content writing can be the answer to many of life’s digital problems.

With your brand voice in mind, I’ll optimise your content to make sure it’s clear, optimised and gets you in the ranks.

Article writing

As an experienced blog writer, I know how to weave high-performance keywords through content without affecting the readability.

Whether you need a one-off package or monthly stream of optimised articles, I’ll deliver thought-provoking copy that is tailored to your audience, guaranteed to keep them reading until the very end.

Website copywriting

Whether you need a product description, sales page or are starting from scratch, I’ll write copy that not only sounds just like you but is guaranteed to get you in Google’s good books.

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