A Mini-Break on the Welsh Coastline

For the last few days I’ve been staying in a lovely little country cottage on the Welsh coastline with my boyfriend Allyn and his family. With a sea view living room and a private garden overlooking the pebbly beach below, I can see why they each continue to return each year. 

harlech wales coastline mini break
harlech wales coastline mini break god rays
In a little town called Harlech, the location of the cottage almost feels surreal. There is nothing quite as tranquil as sipping your morning cup of tea cuddled up in the sofa whilst watching the gentle sea waves creep away from the beach, leaving many rock pools to be explored. 
harlech wales coastline mini break eppie shepherd view
harlech wales coastline mini break sand waves
 After a long train journey with countryside and coastline views, we arrived with a relaxed sigh of relief and wrapped up for a windy stroll along the beach. With our eyes peeled for beautiful shells or the scuttling movement of a crab, I took in the striking view of the miles of beaches and old medieval towns surrounding us.
harlech wales coastline mini break crab
harlech wales coastline mini break gopro dog
harlech wales coastline mini break
We spent the evening watching the sun set behind the horizon of the sea that stretched out before us.
harlech wales coastline mini break beach sunset boat
harlech wales coastline mini break sunset sea
 Over the next few days I felt completely at home, ever eager to wake up and see the stunning panoramic views from the window. We explored the nearby town of Barmouth, a traditional seaside town with the most delicious fish and chips and a famous pick and mix shop whose barrels of classic once forgotten sweets attract hundreds of visitors. 
harlech wales coastline mini break barmouth fish chips
weigh out barmouth wales
 Our evenings were spent snuggled up on the sofas looking out onto the sea for possible sightings of dolphins jumping over the waves before playing games of poker with a few glasses of wine. 
harlech wales coastline mini break sunset beach sea
 One of my favourite days, was our visit to Criccieth, a small town around the coastline from Harlech where we ate famously good ice cream from Cadwaladers whilst trying to spot the cottage from across the water.
harlech wales coastline mini break ice cream eppie shepherd cadwaladers criccieth
 We later drove to a remote little campsite where Allyn and I hiked up a woodland hill following the sound of gushing water until we came across a beautiful waterfall hidden among the trees. We found a lovely spot to sit and listen to one of natures most beautiful sounds on a large rock poking out over the water. 
nantcol waterfalls wales 
nantcol waterfalls wales eppie shepherd allyn lawson 
My most treasured memory, closely followed by a romantic beach walk, was the evening I spent laughing and chatting way with Allyn and his family on the beach trying to sit around our smoky handmade fire! We dug out some hidden skewers from the shed and toasted marshmallows before each competitively trying to shoot tin cans with Allyn’s newly bought BB gun. 
eppie shepherd vlogger wales
marshmallow campsite fire toast toasted wales harlech
eppie shepherd harlech wales mini break
 On my last morning I wandered into the living room ready to eat my breakfast to the views of the sea one last time. The sight before me was astoundingly beautiful, a luminous rainbow glistening on the waves where it met the water. 
harlech wales mini break rainbow coastline beach sea

I was sad to leave on the Welsh highland train and but was extremely grateful to have been welcomed by Allyn’s family to their little peace of Welsh heaven. 



  1. 17th September 2015 / 8:29 am

    beautiful and serene scenery! I always wanted to explore Wales, but only been to Cardiff so far!

    • Eppie
      17th September 2015 / 12:02 pm

      This was my first experience of North Wales and it was so beautiful. The kind of scenery you would expect from New Zealand and Canada! I’d love to go back and explore Snowdonia.

      E x

  2. Eppie
    11th September 2015 / 11:43 am

    Hi Jo,
    It’s close to Harlech, they are called the Nantcol Waterfalls, definitely worth a visit!
    E x

  3. Jo
    10th September 2015 / 10:24 pm

    Sounds great…. Where exactly is the waterfall?

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