The Martian; a Movie Credit for my Man


This week Allyn took me to see The Martian. We’d both been eagerly anticipating its release, not just because it looked bloody awesome, but because it was Allyn’s latest project as a visual effects artist (yep he has the best job and I’m not afraid to boast about it).

the martian movie credit visual effects

For those of you who have been oblivious to the huge campaign, here is my brief synopsis…

There’s a group of astronauts on Mars, Matt Damon gets left behind, and it’ll take four years for a rescue team to reach him. So somehow he has to survive on a hostile planet for a stupidly long time by himself… And boy does he ‘science the shit out of it’.

The film was absolutely brilliant. The perfect combination of unexpected humour, action packed scenes and visually beautiful shots in space. I think one reason why the movie works so well is because it doesn’t follow the trend of setting the scene for that big dramatic moment. In the first few minutes we see Damon loose his space buddies and realise that for the rest of the movie, we’re going to intensely watch as he tries to survive. You get to know each character and apart from all the scientific jargon, it’s an easy film to follow. 

the martian movie credit visual effects

Towards the end of the movie I felt a hand squeeze and knew it was time to concentrate. I can’t reveal what Allyn’s scene included, so as not to give away any spoilers, but just watch out for those floating tethers!

I’m always incredibly proud of my man, but his movie magic is definitely something I will never get bored of seeing. Who else gets to watch their boyfriend’s name appear in the credits?! (Second column, 12th row).

the martian movie credit visual effects framestore

I really recommend going to see The Martian if you haven’t already. And I’d love to hear what you thought of the movie! Have you seen any other good films recently? 



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