Holland Park and the Kyoto Garden

On Saturday Allyn and I made the most of the beautiful London sun and made our way to Holland Park to visit the Kyoto Garden. This stunning Japanese garden is a heavenly spot in Central London for anyone looking to escape the bustle of city life. 

holland park kyoto garden

holland park kyoto garden

An abundance of squirrels can be found among the trees whilst a group of peacocks flirt their feathers for a leftover crumb. I loved watching as a little girl and her father held out their palms feeding the birds who flocked around them.

Holland Park Kyoto Garden squirrel

Holland Park Kyoto Garden peacock

A small cascading waterfall bubbles over a family of koi fish that swim up to the marbled bridge.

Holland Park Kyoto Garden

Holland Park Kyoto Garden koi fish

We wandered round the pebbled paths before exploring the lesser known parts of the park. A small rose garden caught my eye, filled with tall thorny bushes of brightly coloured flowers.

Holland Park Kyoto Garden rose

Holland Park Kyoto Garden rose slr

Yet the garden of sunflowers was a pleasant surprise, a sunny favourite of mine that always bring back treasured memories of trying to grow the tallest of flowers with my Dad.

Holland Park Kyoto Garden

Holland Park is a new found favourite that I’ll definitely be returning to. What are you favourite gardens or parks in London?

Holland Park Kyoto Garden 


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