Alice’s Adventures Underground

On Sunday I met Beth at Waterloo and embarked on a journey to Wonderland. We had tickets to Alice’s Adventures Underground, an immersive experience in the dark passageways under Waterloo station. We weren’t permitted to take photographs so you will have to use your imagination as you read on…

We followed the directions to Launcelot Street coming across a small backstreet alley that took us to the entrance. We entered the Wonderland bar, unsure what to expect next.

The bar was set up in a dingy humid room where you could sit on old fashioned theatre chairs as you waited to be called. A sweet seller approached us, tempting us with cocktail pastilles at 2 for £5. I choose the rum flavoured selection, a berry daiquiri and a spiced rum treat. Beth went for the whiskey options; cake icing and a whiskey sour. We made sure to buy a £5 drink token from the bar before joining the queue.

alices adventures underground smith & sinclair cocktail pastilles

We were led to a dim chaotic room full of books, mirrors and photographs. Here began our journey down to the depths of Wonderland. After a while, Alice appeared in the mirrors, shouting frantically before a bookcase burst open to reveal a hidden door. In we went through a narrow passageway that was completely covered in pages ripped from books.

We came out the other side into what felt like the middle of a spinning top that span us down and down through the Earth until we were greeted by a familiar white rabbit. Here our adventure began. I don’t want to spoil it for you so won’t go into much more detail but it was a wonderful theatrical experience.

alices adventures underground london

We were fully involved in the story from choosing to indulge in a ‘eat me’ or ‘drink me’ to assisting the cook. Beth and I got separated as we were put into a different suit, giving us each a different experience of Wonderland. From the caterpillar’s lair to the dark passages of the forest, we were completely secluded in the depths of wonderland.

alices adventures underground london

Our drink tokens came in handy when we reunited at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where I sipped on a strong cucumber cocktail from a vintage tea cup along with the frenzied characters. The tale ended at the Queen of Heart’s courtroom where we took part in the trial of who stole the tarts.

alices adventures underground london

It was a brilliant afternoon and I hope the Grimm Tales Immersive Theatre Production will create more fantasy events in the future.


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