9 Ways to Add A Touch of Magic to the Everyday; with PANDORA Disney

An ‘everyday’ day can be seriously dull. You know the ones where you drag yourself out of the warm comfort of your bed to somehow find yourself back in it after another repetitive 8 hours at work. Where you don’t really ‘achieve’ anything apart from maybe that pile of washing up. Then you do it all again the next day and the next, until before you know it, the week’s over.

Holy shit that sounds depressing.

Well recently I broke a week of boredom with a wonderful event at The Kensington Hotel, hosted by the lovely team from PANDORA to celebrate the new UK Disney collection. The beautiful range captures the magic of Disney with elegance and style that can be embraced everyday.

beauty and the beast afternoon tea with rose and PANDORA bracelet

box of PANDORA Disney collection

Disney Beauty and the Beast afternoon tea set up

PANDORA Disney charm bracelet

invitation for PANDORA Disney afternoon tea

Disney really does bring magic to us all, even on the most mundane of days. A simple singalong to “Be Our Guest” can put a smile on my face in seconds, and the delicate silver charms and necklaces from PANDORA did the same. The message is simple ‘DO see the magic’. By wearing a reminder of our beloved childhoods, PANDORA hope to make everyday that little bit more enchanting, just replacing that cheap plastic-elastic jewellery we wore when we were 7 😉

Inspired by PANDORA Disney, here are 9 ways that you too can add a touch of magic to the ‘everyday’…

brunette girl dark photography with Kate spade bag

1 | Whistle whilst you work

Perhaps not literally, I mean who actually likes whistling? But put on that throwback playlist, clean to the Moana soundtrack and give your walk to work some sass with a bit of Beyonce.

2 | Celebrate the little things

I genuinely might do this too much. Perhaps it’s because I’ll find any excuse to avoid a diet, do my chores or be productive but hey they say it’s good to reward yourself. Bruce Springsteen once said he treats himself to ice cream after every win. And not just the big stuff. Celebrating the little things can be as simple as ‘yay, go me, I actually got up this morning and went to the gym’.

3 | Surprise a loved one

I love surprises. Allyn loves surprises. Little notes, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (other brands are available) or even just making his favourite dinner – seeing his cute little face light up is pretty magical.

4 | Embrace the positivity

Give a compliment, make someone laugh, hey be the weirdo that smiles at strangers on the tube. By giving off a positive vibe not only will you make yourself feel better, you’ll also spread the optimism far and wide. You go Glen Coco.

brunette girl kate spade street photography night

brunette girl Kate spade bag

9 Ways to Add A Touch of Magic to the Everyday; with PANDORA Disney

5 | Pamper yo-self

Bling up your day with a little sparkle. Put those fancy pants earrings on or simply give your nails a bit of TLC. Chuck on that face mask or have a long candlelit bath (with a glass of wine obvs). Turn a mundane day into a pamper day – problem solved.

6 | Oh go on, treat yourself

And no it doesn’t have to be a bag of crispy M&Ms Eppie. Sometimes (when I can resist the call of sugar), a box of exciting sounding tea is enough to bring a little magic to my day. Don’t believe me? Go try Twinings new range of Gingerbread teabags – it’s like Christmas in a mug.

7 | Just dance

Around the kitchen, with your pet, in your pants, with your partner. Dancing is good for the soul.

8 | Spice up your life

Just put on the Spice Girls. Ok no that isn’t the full suggestion but hey who doesn’t love a Wannabe session? Rather, I mean make a day great by embracing that inner goddess in you. Be sassy, be sexy, be a badass.

9 | Give yourself a break

Leave that ironing, unpack tomorrow. If you’re having a truly meh day, then some much needed me-time is a great cure. As someone that lacks time to enjoy a Netflix binge, coming home and getting straight into my PJs, before cosying up with my iPad makes for one hell of a magical night.

9 Ways to Add A Touch of Magic to the Everyday; with PANDORA Disney

How do you add magic to your everyday? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Thank you to PANDORA for inviting me to the lovely Tale as Old as Time afternoon tea at the Kensington Hotel, which I previously reviewed here. You can find the beautiful Disney collection here.


Bag – Miss Kate Spade of course, worn the wrong way round because LIFE.

Blouse  – ASOS


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