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Freelance digital marketing; bringing your customers to you.

It's the perfect blend of SEO know-how, being a social media master, championing ad space and creative campaigning.

My freelance digital marketing services have placed brands at the forefront of their target audience’s feeds, search results and minds.

Now it’s your turn.


Why do you need a freelance digital marketing consultant?

Climb the ranks to #1

Get to Google’s top spot with a keyword-rich website, optimised blog writing services and a results-driven SEO strategy

Soar past your competition

Discover your competitors’ SEO secrets and beat them to first place



Social media marketing

Become the ultimate social media butterfly and publish content that converts whilst building an audience who know and love you

"Eppie always has an incredibly unique way of driving our brand forward. She not only got our website to the top of Google search results but also brings in relevant enquiries that convert. Her engaging content and eye-catching visuals compliment her expertise in SEO, therefore not only is she excellent at increasing our traffic, she knows exactly how to build creative campaigns that achieve our sales objectives."

- Account Director for Global Meetings & Events Agency


Hi,I'm Eppie-16let the numbers do the talking

Digital marketing and SEO consultant services


If you don’t know where to begin… let’s begin here. A full digital marketing plan is the best way to gain an understanding of your current position in the online marketplace.

Choose an SEO audit - a full review of your current digital performance - or upgrade with a detailed digital marketing plan inclusive of content marketing and social media strategising.

I’ll provide an in-depth audit of where you’re currently at, followed by an end-to-end action plan that we can deliver together.

As a minimum, your SEO audit includes:

- A full website review including user experience and SEO positioning
- A list of quick wins you can implement immediately for improved performance
- Current keyword ranking positioning and updated research to use across your content
- Benchmarking against your top competitors
- An actionable content strategy with easy-to-follow content pillars
- A guide to SEO and how to implement your strategy

Add a digital marketing plan to cover areas including:

- Analysis of your social media presence with tips for immediate improvement
- Digital marketing campaign concepts including influencer outreach and brand partnerships
- Tons of inspiration and ideas to blossom your online presence
- Measurements for success and suggested delivery timeline

Of course if there are particular areas you'd like to focus on, I can tailor your digital marketing plan to you.



Serena Carta Gaias Kingdom

"Eppie has given me the perfect marketing strategy to grow our brand as we envisioned. Her personalised plan was detailed, organised and with clear goals to reach our target. It has been such an incredible help for someone who didn't know where to start and was holding back on launching her dream brand!"

- Serena Carta, Founder of Gaia's Kingdom


Stuck on SEO? Got a business idea and need to talk it through? No idea how to work with influencers? No matter your qualms I've got you covered. Sometimes you just need a quick helping hand to get you going.

We'll talk through all your pain points and get you aligned with your business strategy. Starting from the bigger picture - what do you want? - to how to get it, I'll guide you through anything from Instagram captions to brand partnerships.

Includes pre-call research, one or two hours over Zoom and a follow-up email with a full set of notes and recording of our call.




Ongoing big and small business SEO services

Digital marketing and SEO need serious investment but not all companies can afford to hire someone full-time or employ an agency. That’s why working with a freelance digital marketer and small business SEO consultant like myself is a great solution.

I’ll work to an agreed monthly quota on the areas of your digital marketing that need some love and attention including:

- Backlink building and outreach to develop your website’s authority
- SEO content writing - optimised blogs and articles to increase your ranking
- Keyword optimisation - optimising your current content and website copy
- Ongoing keyword research and analysis of where you are in the ranks
- Monitoring the digital competition
- Influencer outreach and brand partnerships
- Social media marketing tips, tools and strategising

As well as offering affordable small business SEO packages, I’ll offer a discounted digital marketing plan as detailed above if you sign up for three months or more.

digital marketing services

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