My love for filming began during my travels. I found that by capturing moments in movement, I remembered the experience more vividly and felt much more sentimental towards it.

After a few initial attempts at editing my footage together, I began to be inspired by the wonderful world of YouTube and the many incredible editors out there. I started to take my editing seriously, having already trained myself to use Adobe Premiere Pro, I am now training in Adobe After Effects.

I then had a moment of realisation - why was I only filming my travels? I love watching my family's old home movies and so I decided to start creating some for myself, so that I can show my children how cute their Auntie Elsie once was, and in fifty years time, I can sit with my grandchildren and prove I wasn't always a wrinkly old woman.

I had a go at vlogging whereby I would talk to the camera about my adventures, but I decided that for the meantime, my style is best suited to beautiful montages that flow like a story, matching the lyrics and style of the music to the footage, making an emotional impact on the viewer.

As well as making my own edits, I have worked with a top events agency and pharmaceutical company to create showreels and montages on a professional level that used a variety of effects and textography.

Please check out my YouTube channel for all my personal projects and travel memoirs.

So where do you come in?
Maybe you have hours of unedited footage and no time to put it together... or maybe you want to capture a family member's birthday event in a stylised way? Or perhaps you are a company looking for someone to put together a highlights video or showreel?

I'd love to hear from you and see how I can help you create a beautiful memory to look back on in years to come. Please get in touch at